I am an Organisational Relationship Systems Coach, human development specialist and speaker. These titles reflect the core talents that I have harnessed in my quest to help those who run organisations at the highest level. For over 15 years, I have helped organisations be and sound more human, so they can make better connections internally and externally. Connections which seek to unlock the innate capabilities of organisations and their leaders. I am also the Founder and CEO of Bubworks, which I established in 2002.


Mediocrity is a barrier; I won’t let you play small – as an individual, a team or an organisation. I maximise the stakes and help you take risks. By listening to your own narrative, I help you paint a picture of your future. A future you can see, reach and own. One you can amplify. I harness your strengths and fears and work way beyond them. I transform the dull diligent, into powerful persuaders. I am relational driven and partner with you and your organisation at an energy level you aren’t used to, short cutting the route to self-belief. I build your innate resilience and purpose to ensure people want to work for you, with you and deliver on your vision. Put simply, I work with leaders and their teams and make them memorable.

Leadership Coaching, Media Training, Executive Presence

I work with individuals who have high expectations upon themselves to lead others to a better future and communicate the organisation’s point of view.

I build a trusted relationship with you to allow you to systematically undo the way you do things. I search out those hidden storerooms in your mind and examine them. Once we have unpacked your approach, we remodel it (expelling those self-limiting beliefs), test it (embedding the resilience) and work towards putting it back in (empowering your sense of purpose).

I leave you with the highest and best expression of yourself – more of who you are – and the courage to do what you know is right, with grace and gravitas.

My Clients are those individuals:

  • who are naturally brave and strive for mastery
  • who are unprepared for their position and need an identity upgrade
  • who are feeling lonely and not sure who to trust
  • who feel stuck and sense they are playing small
  • who lack presence, influence and profile
  • who need to manage complex networks of relationships


Team Coaching & Team Leadership

I work with boards, leadership and management teams who are responsible for determining the strategic direction and setting the tone of the organisation.

I know how complex teamwork has become. I simplify it. I create a safe environment that allows people to speak the truth. I challenge silo mentality and reframe ‘bandwidth’. I align the individual to the team, the team to the purpose of the organisation.

I use tools to clarify definitions of ‘teamwork’; to amplify and maximise the collective strengths and diversity of mindsets; to dial up or down the individual strengths; to facilitate the ownership of shared leadership and to build capacity and agility to meet the pace of change in organisations.

My clients are those teams:

  • who recognise the need to ‘be more human’ in the way they connect
  • who value dynamic outputs from strategy away days
  • who collectively want to leave a legacy
  • who need to deliver on a global and local scale
  • who need to appreciate, value and leverage cultural diversity
  • who acknowledge the need for continuous learning to achieve excellence

Organisational Coaching, Culture Change, Stakeholder Engagement

I know the discontent employees feel when they are not valued.  I recognise that many leave organisations emotionally, whilst still showing up physically. They’ve stopped learning. They’ve taken their hearts out of the organisation, because the organisation has lost theirs.

I know that organisations increasingly demand that people are both responsible and accountable for their own careers.  There is no map.  People must find their own way amidst ongoing complexity.  I help them with this navigation.  I ensure that people access and develop their own inner compass and enable them to master the art of using it.
I work in partnership to ensure my approach empowers your organisation to discern their talents, to test and learn and to grow.

My clients are those organisations:

  • who embrace disruption as a route to innovation
  • who must influence media and investor perceptions
  • who strive to tell their story authentically
  • who see and value the whole person
  • who want to develop capacity for people
  • who want a clearly defined culture of purpose
  • who need to master collaboration with diverse business partnerships

Speaking & Interviewing

As a former BBC news and current affairs reporter and presenter, I understand storytelling. I know how to frame a story, to ask the right questions and to deliver a compelling and authentic narrative. My talent for interviewing enables me to unlock the untold story of individuals and seek out revelatory human insights. Storytelling is the backdrop to every speech I give, drawing on the lessons learnt (and still learning) throughout my adventurous life and career to date. I take audiences on a journey of unexpected discovery with content that challenges preconceptions and inspires immediate action.

To date, I have delivered talks for:

International Coaching Federation, Professional Liability Underwriting Society, SubSea7, TMS Development International, IR Magazine Awards & Conferences, Imperial College, BlackRock, McKinsey, Russian Association of Investor Relations Professionals (OSSI), TEDx Vienna and Top Talents Romania

My talks and key note speeches can cover such topics as:

  • Luminaries – your new agents of change
  • Playing To Win – lessons learnt from top leaders
  • High Performing International Teams – a new systems approach
  • How to Exude Leadership Presence – working as a woman in a global organisation
  • Getting the Most Out of Clients in Tough Times
  • Your Self Discovery Journey
  • Leadership Presence – what every woman wants to know
  • From Cleverness to Wisdom – systems leadership in action

Approach & Techniques

I am committed to lifelong learning and bring an ongoing diagnostic tool box of coaching and training techniques to every single client brief.

I deliver my work in a simultaneous context of trust and risk. This is enhanced by energy, creativity, honesty and compassion.

As a natural born catalyst, I am disruptive but constructive, demanding but dynamic, audacious but courageous.

My techniques are underpinned by accreditation and peer debate through membership of the following organisations:

International Coaching Federation (ICF), Team Coaching International (Faculty Member), CRR Global, Oshry Power & Systems.

I tend to use a mix of the following professional qualifications:

  • Certified Executive Coach (CPCC)
  • Certified Team Performance Coach (CTPC)
  • Certified Organisational Relationship Systems Coach (ORSCC)
  • Master Practitioner of NLP
  • Organisational Workshop Certified Facilitator
  • Psychometric assessor
  • Post-graduate diploma in Broadcast Journalism,
  • Diploma in Performance Coaching
  • Diploma in Counselling & Psychotherapy
  • Masters in Psychoanalytic Developmental Psychology

Who I Work With

Apollo Asset Management
Berwin Leighton Paisner
Blick Rothenberg LLP
BNP Paribas
Bridges Ventures
Capital MSL
Carbon Tracker Initiative
Deutsche Bank
D One
European Commission
European Parliament
First Reserve Corporation
General Mills
Harley Davidson
HCC Global
Health Authority Abu Dhabi
Hitachi Capital
Holocaust Educational Trust
Imperial College
Impetus PEF
InterContinental Hotels Group
Lex Autolease
Merrill Lynch
Modern Times Group (MTG)
Money Advice Service
Morgan Crucible
National Health Service (NHS UK)
National Osteoporosis Society
Nexus Group
Nikko Principal Investments
Octopus Investment
Qbic Hotels
Social Finance
Stanley Black & Decker
Subsea 7
TCC Global
United Nations (UK F&CO)
Western Union
West Hertfordshire NHS Trust
XL Group

For more complex needs, I lead a network of professional coaches and change experts – Bubworks

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T: +44 203 6373 586
M: +44 7980 744726